Practice Areas

Mr. Baker’s practice is dedicated to representing plaintiffs in business litigation, product liability, and serious personal injury matters.

Business Litigation

Nearly 100 years ago, Webster’s Dictionary defined “litigation” like this:

n. [L. litigatio, fr. litigare to dispute, litigateThe act or process of litigating; a suit at law; a judicial contest.

Things have changed little, as far as the definition is concerned.  It still is a contest.  But the subject matter has changed substantially.  Lawyers in the 21st century must now be well-versed in technology, and alternative dispute resolution, complex discovery and local court rules, and must hold a keen understanding of the underlying subject matter and business models of the entities involved.  Here in Silicon Valley and vicinity, business litigation is often technology litigation.

Mr. Baker is well-versed in the above, and has handled litigation dealing with some of the largest technology and other companies in the world in litigation involving at times hundreds of millions of dollars.

In addition to his long experience in high-stakes complex litigation from the plaintiff’s side, Mr. Baker has presided over hearings in a quasi-judicial capacity, which has offered him some insight from the other side of the bench.  And, in his capacity as an elected official for a city, has taken part in decisions on behalf of a business (the city) being sued for various civil matters.

Mr. Baker’s experience from the plaintiff’s perspective, the defense perspective, a judicial mindset and from the perspective of the client mean his clients get a lawyer who gets the whole picture.  There is much less need to speculate about what the opposing side’s motivations or expected moves are when you’ve been there.

Business Litigation

Whether your company is being sued or has been wronged and you don’t know where to turn, you need someone who is experienced in handling litigation matters.  Experienced and efficient counsel who will learn about you and your goals can save you time, money and, in many cases, a lot of worry.


Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Smaller personal injury cases may be resolved with a letter or a phone call from a lawyer, even one without much litigation experience.  But when the injuries are serious, you need to hire a lawyer who knows how to litigate the case, hire the experts, and go the extra mile that serious cases require.  Nearly every personal injury case Mr. Baker has handled has involved serious and life-altering damage, including cases of brain injury from cement truck rollovers and motorcycle crashes, and pedestrians and bicyclists hit by speeding cars.    Mr. Baker’s experience, and his commitment to focus on only a limited number of cases at a time, will work for you.

Product Liability

The area of law simply means that companies that sell defective products (and services) must be responsible when people get hurt, either literally, or financially, as the result of that defective product.  As above, this area of law has changed significantly over the last few years.  Matters are often made complicated by the fact that modern “products” are the result of an entire chain of designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and providers.  Again, this area of law is even more complex now, due to the fact that many products and services are international in scope.

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